Monday, May 13, 2013

Viva Italia!!!

Dear All,

Its summer again and time for another family summer vacation.

This year I got a say in the final destination.
The short listed candidates were Germany, Egypt and Italy.. but Italy won out by a close margin...

The decision was based on two of my most favourite things in the world.. Pizza and Pasta .. Yum....

We have been busy preparing for the trip...
Dad and I built replicas of the Italian landmarks... the tower of Pisa and the Coloseum.

Mom has been busy reading up on her book titled "How to travel with Fussy Kids" I wonder who she is worried about :-)

Dad is all excited about his new camera and is trying out all the various settings... Clearly, its still a work in progress... :-)

 As for me, its time to brush up on my Italian fashion ...

We are leaving tomorrow and are very excited about the trip...
Will try to write to you again from there....


Sunday, April 14, 2013

My First Magic Show

Dear All,

Its been awhile since I wrote to all of you.
I have been busy growing up and troubling Mommy and Daddy that I totally forgot to tell you all about it :-).

I thought I will start things off again with a video of my first Magic show.
Hope you enjoy it and talk to u all again soon!!

 My first magic show: Part -1

Part -2

Lots of love,

Monday, May 3, 2010

Soccer Mania!!

Hello All,

Taking advantage of the gorgeous summer, I enrolled in soccer classes this month.

I have always liked kicking a ball around but wanted to get serious about it. I perfected my soccer stance after my first class itself.

Whenever I have to dodge a defender, I just think of Mom trying to feed me and I run clear of them very easily.

My coach and some of my teammates are going head over heels looking at my progress(like this guy in the picture)

Of course, it helps my scoring rate when there is no goal keeper.

And I feel the best part is the soccer tattoo I get on my hand at the end of each class.

I am not sure if its all the soccer talk but I had this strange dream last night...

"It was the final minute of the second half and the score is tied at 1-1. This is the last drive before we get to overtime and the ball is now passed to the rookie "Diya".

She looks awfully calm given the circumstances...."

"She drives through the left flank dodging a few defenders along the way. Look at how she blazes past the yellow jerseys, still in complete control of the ball. Excellent footwork!!"

"She goes past the final defender with an incredible deception. She pauses a moment to look at the advancing goal keeper and with her right foot goes for the top left corner... beats the diving goalie..... and ITS A GOAAAALLLLL!!!!!"

The crowd goes berserk.... Unbelievable!!! The rookie wins the world cup for the nation!!!!

Ah well!!! I had to wake up sometime....

Anyway, take care all of you and hope you have an active summer too...

Lots of love,


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Shiny new wheels!!!

Hello All,
Did I ever tell you that I love my first bike?

I learnt to ride on this cute bike.

I even learnt a few riding tricks on it...
It was always reliable and fuel-efficient...

I could even fix it myself whenever it broke down...

But alas, I outgrew it and the time has come to bid it farewell...
and buy myself a new bike!!!!

I love riding my new bike a lot!!!

I go riding with my dad to the park...

I am even trying to learn a few tricks on this one too.... but not quite there yet :-)

Taking my desire for new wheels as inspiration, Pinni bought herself a cool and flashy new car!!

She loves her car but complains of the long commute time.

I told her if she wants to use the carpool lane, she can always hitch a ride on my bike :-)

Here's wishing safe driving for both of us...
Take care all of you,
Lots of love,

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Trip to Tahoe : Take 2

Hello All,

We decided to celebrate President's day by checking out the snow at Lake Tahoe.

I was dressed for the weather, although the mitts were a tad too big.

I was ready with my ample supply of health drink(aka Milk)

The weather was sunny and the snow was soft and wonderful.

I was very excited to play in the snow... As you can see I was not the only one being childish :-)

I went sledding at Heavenly but was more interested in posing for pictures than sledding by myself.

The next day we went for a drive to Emerald bay.

After the scenic drive, we came back to the hotel for some quality family time.

The snow covered patio right outside our vacation home was a great place to relax.

I loved being pulled in the sled all day....

Whats a snow vacation without a snowman! So we decided to build one.

I am tempted to say it was a joint effort but between us, my dad isnt that good at bulding a snowman.

So I had to do the heavy lifting once again and plan the whole project.

Finally the snowman turned out so good, I couldnt help but kiss it.

All in all, a great vacation!

I am sure I will come back to check out the slopes once again.

As to the traffic on our drive back... now thats a diferent story :-)

Until next time, take care all of you.

Lots of love,

Monday, March 22, 2010

Mother's day

Hi All,
Now that I was old enough I wanted to make sure my dad does not ruin mother' day for my mom.
So under my able supervision we started preparing breakfast for Mom.
I decided on the menu and asked my helper to get all the ingredients together.

As expected he messed up with the eggs and I had to take control.
I finally managed to teach him to deal with the eggs and moved on to the table settings.

We made Special, vegetable cheese omelette with Jam and Toast.
For entertainment, we had a guitar recital by me :-)

Of course, ,my Mom loved the food.. But with the guitar, somehow it put her back to sleep.

Anyway, today seems to be a wonderful time to say a big "THANK YOU" to my Mom.
And I did that exactly with a photo book of my bext photos with Mom since I was born.
It will be a treasure for both of us..

Until next time, take care all of you guys.

Lots of love